CSBS Strategic Plan

We view this as a dynamic document requiring review and revision annually or as circumstances change.


We will be a diverse and inclusive community of teachers, scholars, learners, leaders, and engaged citizens who will work to understand human behaviors, structures, and institutions, past and present, in order to address global social and environmental issues.


Through intentional and active learning experiences at UNI and within the large community, students, faculty, and staff will tap into our diversity, depth, and breadth to create innovative and transformative ways of learning, engagement, teaching, and scholarship.

Strategic Plan

Promote Student Learning, Engagement, and Success: The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is committed to the academic, professional, and personal development of all students, faculty, and staff. This endeavor requires reciprocal learning experiences that engage students, faculty, community members, and alumni in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

Cultivate and support intentional and developmental engaged learning experiences within the college and its programs/departments

  • Promote and support undergraduate and graduate student research.
  • Promote, recognize, and reward teaching excellence.
  • Create support mechanisms for faculty who wish to increase the engaged learning experiences they offer students.
  • Increase opportunities for students to experience, and faculty to develop, applied/service learning projects as an integral component of the curriculum.
  • Create opportunities for students to become leaders in the classroom, college, university, and community.

Promote and support developmental and integrative models of curriculum in the college’s programs/departments.

Develop a CSBS vision of the college’s contribution to the Liberal Arts Core and promote the importance of the CSBS contributions to engaged  and integrative education in any revised LAC.

Promote and elevate the college’s contribution to teacher education preparation.

Promote and support interdisciplinary research, classes, and interaction/communication.

Recognize and reward faculty and staff excellence.

Support and elevate faculty scholarship, research, and creative activity. The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences recognizes the importance and value of academic research and creative activity for expanding knowledge and understanding, enriching life, and enhancing teaching.

  • Encourage and support faculty scholarship.
  • Recognize and reward innovative faculty scholarship.
  • Encourage and support faculty community involvement.
  • Provide resources for faculty professional development.

Integrate Diversity, Sustainability, and Community Engagement. CSBS has the advantage of housing multiple deep-rooted and emerging disciplinary perspectives. When mapped together, we can be strongly and uniquely positioned to contribute in all three of these intersecting areas. Our students, faculty, and staff will benefit if we activate and strengthen these nodes of intersection across CSBS disciplines.

  • Develop a CSBS diversity action plan that defines and promotes the importance of the CSBS contributions to diversity efforts.
  • Develop a CSBS sustainability action plan that defines and promotes the importance of the CSBS contributions to sustainability efforts.
  • Develop a CSBS community engagement action plan that defines and promotes the importance of the CSBS contributions to community engagement.