Dean's Fund for Excellence

Helping enhance students' academic experiences

On behalf of the students of the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, we express our sincere appreciation for all the alumni and friends who have contributed to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence. The Dean’s Fund allows our students to participate in educational and career-enhancing opportunities they otherwise might not have had. We are profoundly grateful for their support. 

Reasons to give

  • Annual support helps sustain scholarships and financial aid. Nearly 98% of UNI students receive some type of financial aid.
  • Gifts to the Dean’s Fund provide students with the best possible educational experience during their time at UNI by enriching their education in ways that will stay with them for a lifetime. Experiences like these give students an edge as they apply for graduate or professional school, and as they search for a job.
  • ‌You can support important study abroad opportunities, immersing students in a unique learning environment and encouraging personal and intellectual growth.
  • Your annual support can help provide travel funding, allowing students to enhance and challenge their skills, meet others in their field, and promote fellowship in the social sciences.
  • The Dean’s Fund allows the dean to fund opportunities and activities where funding from other sources is either limited or non-existent.
Dianne Campbell
Dianne Campbell

Annual Giving

To say the past year has been a challenging one, is an understatement for most of us. While we all have had to learn to adjust to different ways of working, learning and living, I have found CSBS alumni, students and faculty and staff to be an incredibly resilient bunch! You have continued to give so that our students can maximize their educational experience. None of this could be accomplished without each of you. Please feel free to reach out to me to learn various ways that we can match you and your philanthropic interests with ways to help CSBS!

Director of Development  //  319-273-5985