Poster Printing Request

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences has a Canon iPF8300S large format printer, for printing research posters. The use of this printer is only allowed for CSBS faculty, staff or students and is meant for posters turned in for class credit or taken to a recognized research conference.

Exception: any student participating in the INSPIRE Student Research & Engagement Conference is welcome to use the CSBS printer.

CSBS poster printing is performed by IT staff and first requires approval; please fill out the poster request form below.


Use a program like Microsoft PowerPoint, to create a document size where either the height (or width) is 36" (the maximum size of one edge of the roll paper installed).

Canon has free research poster templates, in PowerPoint format, such as the 36"(tall) x 48"(wide) Standard or Tri-fold.

If you are utilizing the ​University of Northern Iowa logo, please visit to review guidelines and download the appropriate version for your poster.

Due to the high cost of color printer consumables, please try not to use non-white backgrounds (with white text), except for the top banner, table headers or panel borders.

Fill out the form below to request a poster be printed to the CSBS large format printer: 

Please Login with CatID to view the Poster Printing Request form.