Student Ambassadors (SABRs)

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences offers an innovative internship program known as SABRs, which stands for Social and Behavioral Representatives. Students who are selected to serve in the SABRs program work directly with the CSBS Dean’s Office to promote college-related programs, engage in community service, and act as ambassadors to prospective students and external constituents.

For example, SABRs attend college recruitment events on campus, conduct occasional tours, meet with CSBS alumni, and represent the college at administrative events like presidential lunches. SABRs also work with our college marketing and promotions team to create and evaluate publicity materials. If there is a way to improve CSBS, SABR students are part of it.

SABR students enjoy UNI and like interacting with others. The commitment to serve is only for one semester, but students can apply to stay on for additional semesters if they so choose. In addition to bragging rights and fashionable CSBS apparel, an individual who serves as a member of SABRs has the option of earning an official internship notation on her or his college transcript. This internship notation does not provide college credit, but it will signal to potential employers and graduate schools that the student has served a 50-hour internship position for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences.