#PanthersVote student voter engagement is regularly top in the country.


Minor easily allows for complimentary double majors, minors and certificates.


Profs are frequently called upon by local and national media for their expertise in public affairs.

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Required Coursework

POL GEN 2010 Analyzing Politics 3
POL THRY 1050 Introduction to Political Theory: Freedom, Justice and Power 3
POL AMER 1014 Introduction to American Politics * 3
POL INTL 1024 International Relations * 3
POL COMP 1040 (Comparative Politics 3

Electives in political science (POL AMER, POL COMP, POL GEN, POL INTL, POL THRY) 3

Total Hours 18

*POL AMER 1014 (942:014) satisfies Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core. POL INTL 1024 (943:024) satisfies Category 5C of the Liberal Arts Core.

Note: Not more than 9 semester hours of political science taken within the International Affairs minor or Legal Studies minor may also be counted for credit on a political science major or minor.