The Certificate in State and Local Government is designed to provide a specific set of skills to any student at UNI looking to work in state or local government. This certificate blends theoretical and practical knowledge to provide the flexibility to solve some of the problems facing these governments.

If your career goals include public finance, economic development, community development and planning, or state and local politics, a Certificate in State and Local Government will help link your education to your career.

A Certificate in State and Local Government will also help students who want to work in public agencies such as school administration, city management, public health, social services, or public safety.

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Undergraduate Majors RFI Form

Required Coursework

American Politics:
POL AMER 1014 Introduction to American Politics * 3
POL AMER 2131 American State Politics 3
POL AMER 3132 Community Politics 3
POL AMER 4130/5130 Iowa Politics 3


Select minimum 3 hours from the following: 3

ECON 3253/5253 Urban and Regional Economics *

GEOG 4170/5170 Regional Analysis and Planning

American Politics:
POL AMER 3172/5172 Public Budgeting *
POL AMER 4153/5153 Leadership and Management in Public Service *
POL AMER 4173 Politics and Public Policy *

CRIM 4253 Crime and Public Policy *

Total Hours 15

*These courses have additional prerequisites are as follows:

  • POL AMER 1014 (942:014) satisfies Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.
  • ECON 3253/5253 (920:148g) has prerequisites of ECON 1041 (920:053) and ECON 1051 (920:054), or consent of instructor. ECON 1041 (920:053) and ECON 1051 (920:054) are prerequisites to all 100/2000/3000/4000-level economics courses. Either ECON 1031 (920:024) or both ECON 1041 (920:053) and ECON 1051 (920:054) will satisfy Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.
  • POL AMER 3172/5172 (942:172), POL AMER 4153/5153 (942:153g) and POL AMER 4173 (942:173g) have prerequisites of POL AMER 1014 (942:014) and POL AMER 1048 (942:048). POL AMER 1014 (942:014) satisfies Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.
  • CRIM 4253 (982:153g) has prerequisites of SOC 1000 (980:001) and CRIM 2022 (982:022). SOC 1000 (980:001) will satisfy Category 5A of the Liberal Arts Core.