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Undergraduate Majors RFI Form

Required Coursework

Political Science

POL INTL 1024 (943:024) International Relations* 3
POL COMP 1040 (944:040) Comparative Politics 3

Select at least two of the following: 6

Political Science

POL COMP 3121 Terrorism and Insurgency
POL COMP 3123 Nationalism
POL COMP 3125 Politics of Nonviolence
POL INTL 3120 International Security
POL INTL 3126 Human Rights
POL INTL 3127 United States Foreign Policy
POL INTL 3143 International Law
POL INTL 3145 International Organizations
POL INTL 4119/5119 Politics of the Global Economy
POL INTL 4125/5125 Politics of International Development


ECON 3245/5245 International Economics^

Select at least one of the following: 3

Political Science

POL COMP 3135 Politics in Europe
POL COMP 3162 Politics of East Asia
POL COMP 3164 Russian Politics
POL COMP 3165 African Politics
POL COMP 3167 Latin American Politics

Select two of the following, any additional electives from the courses listed above, or those listed below: ** 6


COMM 4344/5344 Intercultural Communication


COMM DM 4644/5644 Global Media


FREN 3011/5011 Business French^
FREN 4014/5014  The World of French Business^
FREN 4021/5021 Special Topics in Language and Culture^


SPAN 3020 Latin American Culture and Civilization^
SPAN 3023 Culture and Civilization of Spain^


ECON 3249/5249 Economic Development^
ECON 3261/5261 International Financial Economics^


HIST 4520/5520 Europe from World War I to the Present
HIST 4620/5620 History of Modern France
HIST 4630/5630 History of Germany Since 1648
HIST 4660/5660 History of Imperial Russia
HIST 4670/5670 History of Soviet Russia
HIST 4675/5675 Great Power Diplomacy from the Congress of Vienna to the Present
HIST 4680/5680 Military History from Napoleon to the Present
HIST 4720/5720 Modern Latin American History
HIST 4740/5740 Modern African History
HIST 4840/5840 Mughals and Marauders; Merchants and Mahatmas: A History of South Asia since 1526 CE
HIST 4860/5860 Modern Chinese History


GEOG 4150/5150 Regional Geography: (Variable Topic)


ANTH 3001 Language and Culture^

Total hours *** 21

* POL INTL 1024 (943:024) satisfies Category 5C of the Liberal Arts Core.

** This requirement may also be met by an internship approved by the Department of Political Science. Furthermore, students who have successfully completed four semesters at the college level of any foreign language, with at least a 2.00 GPA, or demonstrate an equivalent competency level can apply three credit hours toward the fulfillment of this requirement.

*** No more than 9 hours of political science for this minor can also be counted toward a major in political science.

^ These courses have additional prerequisites as follows:

  • COMM DM 4644/5644 has prerequisite of COMM COR 1010 (48J:002).
  • FREN 3011/5011 (720:111g), FREN 4014/5014 (720:114g), and FREN 4021/5021 (720:121g) have prerequisite of FREN 3001/5001 (720:101g).
  • SPAN 3020 (780:120) and SPAN 3023 (780:123) have prerequisite of SPAN 3001 (780:101) or SPAN 3050/5050 (780:150g).
  • ECON 1041 (920:053) and ECON 1051 (920:054) are prerequisites to all 100/2000/3000/4000-level economics courses. Either ECON 1031 (920:024) or both ECON 1041 (920:053) and ECON 1051 (920:054) will satisfy Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.
  • ANTH 3001 (990:177) has prerequisite of PSYCH 1001 (400:001) or SOC 1000 (980:001) or ANTH 1002 (990:011). Either SOC 1000 (980:001) or ANTH 1002 (990:011) will satisfy Category 5A of the Liberal Arts Core.

Note: Choice of courses and subsequent course prerequisites may increase the length of this program.