The Legal Studies minor encourages students to study legal institutions, norms and traditions and to analyze how they interact with society, culture, economics, politics and policy. The program equips students with the ability to comprehend and critically evaluate written arguments, to make one’s own arguments and support them with evidence and logical reasoning, and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 

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Required Coursework

PHIL 3370 Philosophy of Law 3
POL AMER 2147 Law, Politics, and Society 3


(Choose one course from each of the following groups, plus two additional courses from any of the groups: 15)

Elective Group 1: Foundation of Law and the American Legal System

HIST 4110/5110 American Colonial History
HIST 4440/5440 Kings, Heretics, Witches, and Revolutionaries: England to 1688
PHIL 1030 Elementary Logic
PHIL 3320 Political Philosophy
POL AMER 3141 Constitutional Law

Elective Group 2: Rights, Liberties and Justice

COMM 4217/5217 Freedom of Speech
COMM DM 4630/5630 Journalism, Law, and Ethics
COMM DM 4631/5631 Digital Media Law
CRIM 3225 Criminal Court System
CRIM 3500 Advanced Criminal Procedure
POL AMER 3144 Civil Rights and Liberties
RELS 3200 Religion and Law

Elective Group 3: Law, Politics and Society

ECON 3231/5231 Law and Economics
FAM SERV 3162/5162 Issues in Family Policy
MGMT 3101 Business Law
MGMT 3905/5905 Employment and Labor Law
POL AMER 3146 Judicial Politics and Policy-making
POL INTL 3143 International Law
PSYCH 2302 Psychology and Law

Total Hours 21

Note: Choice of courses and subsequent course prerequisites may increase the length of this program.
Note: Not more than nine (9) semester hours of political science for this minor can count toward a major in Political Science.