We offer three majors that allow students to pursue their interests and prepare for rewarding careers. All of our majors are flexible, with few prerequisites, and can be combined with other majors, minors, and certificates to help you prepare for particular careers and stand out from other job applicants.

Political Science 

Our Political Science major explores cooperation and conflict, examining how citizens and governments use power to effect change locally, nationally, and globally. Employers value our graduates’ ability to analyze difficult issues and work across differences to find solutions.

Public Administration 

The Public Administration major explores how public organizations function and how public policy is made and implemented. It helps students develop the skills that will help them lead and manage in government, nonprofit, and private workplaces.

Political Communication 

The Political Communication major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for careers focused on linking government to the public. These might include careers in political consulting, media, government relations & lobbying, or government agencies’ communications offices.