Field Instruction

The goal of undergraduate social work education is to prepare majors, upon graduation, to fulfill the responsibilities of beginning-level social work positions. Field instruction is an integral and essential component. 

UNI's Department of Social Work provides students with opportunities to learn within an agency setting and employ the knowledge, skills and values acquired through their coursework.  

Under the supervision of experienced practitioners, students will demonstrate their ability to meet the specific competencies of the field placement experience as well as the expectations of agency, school and profession. Undergraduate social work education is considered a professional educational program; as such, field education is the capstone experience for students in the BSW program at UNI.


  1. To offer learning experiences which provide the opportunity for students to use and test the knowledge and skills derived from the curriculum in learning the professional competencies of generalist social workers, through active participation in the delivery of human services.
  2. To provide settings where students can develop the interpersonal and communication skills essential for professional social work.
  3. To help students test themselves and their commitment to social work values and attitudes, and to evaluate their own preparation for the profession.
  4. To prepare students to identify the policies, practices, services and procedures that interfere with the effective delivery of human services and to develop strategies for change.
  5. To prepare students to develop the skills and attitudes of a self-directed learner.