College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

MSW student at field experience

Field Instruction

Required BA Social Work Field Hours: 

11 credit-hours translate into 440 clock-hours. (minimum requirement, Spring, Summer or Fall semester)
12 credit-hours translate into 480 clock-hours. (Spring, Summer or Fall semester)
13 credit-hours translates into 520 clock-hours. (Spring or Fall)
14 credit-hours translates into 560 clock-hours. (Spring or Fall)
15 credit-hours translates into 600 clock-hours. (Spring or Fall)

Field Placement Options:

            *May not be up-to-date. 

Undergraduate Field Instruction Materials:

Graduate Field Instruction Materials:

MSW Foundation Program

Field Manual

Orientation Powerpoints

MSW Foundation Agency Contract (Distance Education & On Campus)

Learning Plan Template

Learning Plan Student Example

MSW Specialization Program

Field Manual

Orientation Powerpoints

MSW Specialization Contract (Distance Education & On Campus)

Learning Plan Template

Learning Plan Guide with Examples


Other Graduate Forms and Resources: 

Agency Instructor Tools:


 Agency Instructor Orientation (July 2018 Version)

*Required modules include Module 1, Module 2, Field Experience Module specific to your student, Module 6, Module 7 (approx 48 minutes total)


LISW Clinical Social Work Supervision Resources and Tools







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