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MSW student at field experience

Field Instruction

Required BA Social Work Field Hours: 

11 credit-hours translate into 440 clock-hours. (minimum requirement, Spring, Summer or Fall semester)
12 credit-hours translate into 480 clock-hours. (Spring, Summer or Fall semester)
13 credit-hours translates into 520 clock-hours. (Spring or Fall)
14 credit-hours translates into 560 clock-hours. (Spring or Fall)
15 credit-hours translates into 600 clock-hours. (Spring or Fall)

NOTE: 400 hour minimum Accreditation Standard 2.2.5

Field Placement Options:

Note:The field program does not grant social work course credit or field hours for life experience or previous social work related experience. The field hours can only be completed through the field instruction course. (Accreditation Standard 3.1.5)

Undergraduate Field Instruction Materials:

Graduate Field Instruction Materials:

MSW Foundation Program

Field Manual

Orientation Powerpoints

MSW Foundation Agency Contract (Distance Education & On Campus)

Learning Plan Template

Learning Plan Student Example

MSW Specialization Program

Field Manual

Orientation Powerpoints

MSW Specialization Contract (Distance Education & On Campus)

Learning Plan Template

Learning Plan Guide with Examples


Other Graduate Forms and Resources: 

Agency Instructor Tools:


 Agency Instructor Orientation (July 2018 Version)

*Required modules include Module 1, Module 2, Field Experience Module specific to your student, Module 6, Module 7 (approx 48 minutes total)


LISW Clinical Social Work Supervision Resources and Tools







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