College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social Work Major

The Social Work Department at the University of Northern Iowa is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The undergraduate social work major prepares students for beginning level professional social work practice.


The mission of the Department of Social Work, in keeping with the broader mission of the University and the purposes of professional social work education, is to prepare students for competent, effective, and ethical-beginning and advanced-professional practice and leadership; to conduct scholarship that advances knowledge; and to provide service to local, state, national, and international communities.  Using multidimensional theory, knowledge and skills, students and faculty are committed to enhancing human potential and growth in diverse human systems.  This commitment is supported by the promotion of multi-cultural sensitivity, human rights, and social and economic justice within a framework of social work values and ethics.


Required Core Courses:





      SW 1001 Introduction to Social Work and Social Services  
      SW 1041  Social Welfare: A World View (substitutes allowed)  
      SOC 2020 Statistics for Social Research (or STAT 1772)  
      SW 2091 Practice with Individuals  

      SW 4200

Field Instruction  
      SW 3185 Social Work Research  
      SW 3192 Practice with Groups and Families  
      SW 4144 Social Policies & Issues  
      SW 4163 Diversity & Difference  
      SW 4164 Human Behavior and the Social Environment  
      SW 4196 Practice with Communities and Organizations  

Electives (Select any two of the following courses):

SW 2045 American Racial and Ethnic Minorities  
      SW 3102 Conflict Resolution  
      SW 4143 Stress & Stress Management in the Helping Professions  
      SW 4171 Addictions Treatment  
      SW 4173 Social Services for Older Adults  
      SW 4175 Child Welfare Policy & Practice  
      SW 4193 Models of Social Work Practice  
      SW 4121 Social Work in Mental Health Settings  

Total Hours