On-Campus MSW Advanced Standing Program

Classes are held on-campus, in-person.  Departmental classes are scheduled so that students are only on-campus one day per week.  

Field placement (500 hours) occurs over two semesters (fall and spring).  Students will attend field placements as scheduled with their agency on days not attending class.  Students choose their field placements based on their interests with support from our Field Director.

An Extended Enrollment (part-time) option is available to Advanced Standing students who can attend classes at the scheduled class times (three-hour blocks) and participate in the field practicum at agencies that generally operate during regular business hours.  The MSW Program Director will work with you to determine a class schedule that works for you

Course Schedule and Class Descriptions

UNI's Advanced Standing program is a one-calendar year intensive degree program.  Students will attend departmental classes one day per week on-campus.  Students are able to take elective courses across campus departments, based on their individual interests and career goals.

Although a single day of three departmental classes is an intense schedule, our department recognizes the other responsibilities our students carry, including outside employment, child/family member care, etc.  By requiring students to attend campus only one day a week, we hope to alleviate other burdens to promote student success in our program.