Student Orgs

Geography Club

The Geography Club is a student led organization whose main focus is to promote awareness of geography and other social sciences. Members of the club will have opportunities to engage in social events, field trips, possible research opportunities and several other activities. The Geography Club also provides an opportunity to get to know other students and faculty. One of the goals of the club is to explore the realm of geography and to have fun doing it. The Geography Club is open to all students who are interested in geography and other social sciences.


  • Talks about a variety of geography disciplines
  • Speakers from different countries 
  • Travel and share photos, videos, and souvenirs
  • Watch movies and documentaries
  • Collaborate with other groups on campus
  • Participate in Geocaching
  • Enjoy international food
  • Map and book sales

‌Club Events

  • Monthly meetings
  • Celebrate: GIS Day, Map Day, Sled Day, Geography Pride Day, Game Day
  • Movie nights
  • Cookouts

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Geography Week Activities
  • GIS Day Exhibit
  • Geography T-Shirts
  • Tours and lectures for K-12
  • Fundraising
  • 5k Annual Run for the Preserves
  • Trail/river clean ups

How to Become A Member

  • ANYONE CAN BE A MEMBER! The only requirement is an interest in geography.
  • Please contact via email at or by visiting the head office ITTC 205.