Careers in Geography

What can I do with a geography degree?

Here at UNI, there are a number of resources available to students to guide them in their search for internships and employment after graduation. Career Services provides students guidance on building their resume through volunteer opportunities. 

Geographers apply their unique knowledge, skills and perspectives in a diverse range of industries. They hold positions as urban planners who assess the costs and benefits of proposed transit systems, as state climatologists assessing the impacts of rising sea levels, as consultants advising firms about moving into new markets, and as human rights advocates working with refugees (to list just a handful of options).

There are hundreds of occupations that require knowledge of and skills in geography, and the diversity of career opportunities available to geography graduates continues to grow every year. 

*Source: American Association of Geographers (AAG)

What else can you do with a geography degree?

GIS and Remote-Sensing Expertise

Career fields range from fundraising to wildlife conservation to corporate sales to identifying profitable business locations. Remember its location, location, location!

Design Ingenuity

Cartography & GIS develop graphic design skills that add-value to any career especially in non-profits or communication-based work.

Environmental Management

Growing in-excess of 15% per year, environmental specialists are among the fastest growing job sectors across the world. Analyzing geographic data, where 80% of all data is now geographic, informs good environmental management and contributes to business success.

Resource Finder

Identifying resource locations i.e., groundwater, coal or oil using GIS and remote-sensing is a critical skill in many different career fields.



Cross-cultural interpersonal skills are critical in our modern global business environment, and offers a critical edge in applying to graduate school.

Multidisciplinary Generalist

Most employers want generalists with a diverse set of skills, who can write, have people skills, and have technical expertise in GIS.

Field Researcher

Developing field surveys, date collection, data management and analysis is a highly desirable set of skills that are applicable across many diverse disciplines and careers.

Market Researcher

Understanding how to connect people with products, goods and services is critical to any company, non-profit, or government agency.

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What can you do with Geography?

The Possibilities are Endless!