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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Research Interests

List of Core and Affiliated Program Faculty (for a PDF copy please click here)


Core Graduate Faculty

Dennis Dahms, Physical, Quaternary, Climate


Andrey Petrov, Economic, GIS, Arctic


John DeGroote, GIS


Binqing Liang, Remote Sensing, GIS

David May, Physical, Geoarcheology, Rivers


Alex Oberle, Urban, GIS, Geography Education

J Henry Owusu, Economic, Cultural, Africa

Patrick Pease, Physical, Geomorphology

Tim Strauss, Economic, Transportation, GIS

Kay Weller, Geographic Education, Historical


Affiliated Graduate Faculty

 Maureen Clayton, Environmental, Water

Peter Berendzen, Biogeography

Mark Ecker, Spatial Statistics

Mogammad Iqbal, Environmental, Hydrology

Leisl Carr Childers, Land Use History, U.S. West

Xavier Escandell, Immigration, Labor

 Michael Childers, Environmental History

Lazarus Adua, Climate Change, Resources

 Marybeth Stalp, Gender, Culture

Alan Czarnetzki, Meteorology, Air Quality

 Christopher Larimer, Political behavior, Electoral

Brian Warby, International Development, Trade

 Phyllis Baker, Gender and Development

Richard Featherstone, Crime Mapping

 Qingli Meng , Spatial Aspects of Corruption

Benjamin Keith Crew, Criminology, Sociology of Law

Ann Crawford, Graduate Secretary



Geography Concentration Areas and Active Faculty Research Projects:

--Physical Geography--
--Human Geography--
  • Arctic Social and Environmental Systems (Petrov)
  • Financial Institutions and Immigrant Integration (Oberle)
  • Geographies of Knowledge Economy and Creative Capital (Petrov)
  • Regional Development and Policy (Petrov, Strauss)
  • International Trade, Economy, and Development (Owusu)
  • Transportation (Strauss)
  • Historical and Cultural Geography of Cities (Oberle, Weller)
--Geography Education--
  • Geotechniques in Geography Education (Oberle)
  • Internationalizing Teacher Education (Oberle)
  • Geography Curriculum (Oberle, Weller)