There are at least 2 ways to get funding to help cover the cost of tuition at UNI.  There are WGS program specific scholarships and there is the Graduate College Tuition Scholarship. All WGS sponsored scholarship applications should be sent directly to by their due date. All Graduate College Tuition Scholarship applications are submitted through the Graduate College website. New student applicants are encouraged to apply.  

Graduate College Tuition Scholarship is a monetary award that help to pay tuition costs and are awarded as a half or as a full at the in-state tuition rate. It does not cover mandatory fees.

Students receiving these awards will see their scholarship(s) posted to their U-bill by the first day of the semester. A Graduate College Tuition Scholarship does not qualify a student for the resident tuition rate. Students are responsible for the amount of their tuition and fees that the scholarship does not cover. 

Both scholarships are processed through the Financial Aid Office and do not require any work or services to receive this award.

WGS Program Scholarships

Frances L. Webster Scholarship

This is a $500 tuition scholarship that is offered to either one WGS master student or SWAG minor student each year.


Agathon Scholarship

This is a $1000 scholarship awarded to a student who has demonstrated a strong commitment to, and an active role, in LGBT issues. Both undergraduate and graduate applications are welcome, however WGS graduate students will be given preference.


Outstanding Graduate Paper Award

This annual competition is designed to encourage and reward graduate scholars on their research in the area of gender issues. We welcome all academic discipline submissions. The prize includes a $100 cash award and being spotlighted as our final SWAG Forum presenter for the academic year. 


Yang Travel Award

This fund is to be used to provide travel support for undergraduates and graduate students of the Women's and Gender Studies Program pursuing studies and/or research outside of the United States.


Graduate College Tuition Scholarship

The Graduate College of the University of Northern Iowa, has funding to help Graduate Students. Our program is typically awarded funding to help our students in the way of Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships.  Because we do not get funding for 100% of our students, this can be very competitive as we are limited to how much we receive. We strongly encourage all of our students to apply early.  To be considered for tuition scholarship, you MUST apply by February 1st. Even if your application isn't complete, we encourage you to apply for the funding by this date. 

You can apply for a WGS tuition scholarship here