Potential and current WGS graduate students may apply for graduate assistantships (paid salary positions) and graduate tuition scholarships.  

Assistantships are competitive and are based on the applicant's academic record, recommendations, a statement of purpose, a writing sample, and experience. Applications from students who have pursued a variety of undergraduate majors are welcome and previous work in women's and gender studies is not required. Applicants who wish to be considered for an assistantship and/or scholarship should submit their applications by February 1. Applications for entering students who do not seek financial aid are reviewed on a continuous basis and students may enter the program in either the spring or fall semester. Both in-state and out-of-state tuition rates are reasonable.

The graduate assistantship application form can be found here.

Tuition scholarships are awarded as a half or as a full scholarship at the in-state tuition rate. It does not cover fees. No service or work is done in exchange for a Graduate College Tuition Scholarship. Students receiving this award will see their scholarship posted to their U-bill by the first day of the semester. A Graduate College Tuition Scholarship does not qualify a student for the resident tuition rate. Students are responsible for the amount of their tuition and fees that the scholarship does not cover. These scholarships are processed through financial aid and do not require any work or services to receive this award. 

The graduate tuition scholarship application form can be found here.  

**Students can (and are encouraged to) apply for BOTH an assistantship and a tuition scholarship. For frequently asked questions about either award, visit

Assistantship Application Guidelines

The Master of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies program offers excellent opportunities for a variety of competitively awarded Graduate Assistantships.

What Are the Options in Assistantship Assignments?

Assistantships in Women's and Gender Studies do not generally entail teaching responsibilities; rather students work with faculty on research or curricular development projects. Students who assist in curricular development may conduct bibliographic research (books, slides, other media materials). Students who participate in faculty research projects also may have opportunities to serve as co-presenters at conferences, and to serve as co-authors of journal articles. Every effort is made to link students with faculty who express common research and curricular interests.

Graduate Assistant Job Descriptions

Please click below to view the job descriptions for our programs' assistantships.


What is the Monetary Award?

Full time assistantships will pay a salary of $5476 per semester for the 2023-2024 academic year. Non-resident students that receive a graduate assistantship may qualify for in-state tuition and fees. Assistantships may be renewable but not guaranteed for the second year of the program. Half time assistantships may be awarded. Half time will pay a salary of $2738 per semester for the 2023-2024 academic year.  

How do I Apply?

Applicants must be fully admitted to the Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Program which means that you must have fulfilled grade point average requirements and submitted all supporting documentation. Applications for graduate assistantships must be made by February 1.

All Tuition Scholarships and Graduate Assistantship applications forms will need to be completed on the funding page in the Graduate College website. You may also wish to attach a brief letter to indicate specific areas of expertise or skill which might make you particularly suited for an assistantship. To facilitate a strong faculty-student match, you may also indicate (in general) areas of research expertise or interest and the name of a faculty member (if known) whose focus for teaching and research most aligns with yours. You need not repeat information contained in your Statement of Purpose. Those receiving an assistantship are notified by the Graduate College with an offer sent via email.  Assistantships begin in the fall semester.

What are the Requirements for Maintaining my Assistantship?

Students awarded assistantships must maintain full time student status in fall and spring semesters (9 graduate-level credit hours minimum). Graduate assistants must also maintain a grade point average in good standing with the Graduate College (minimum of 3.0). It is extremely important to complete your classes. If you receive an incomplete for a course, you may lose your assistantship, be subject to a prorated pay, and/or lose in-state tuition status.


Please contact the Women's & Gender Studies office at For more information on graduate assistant positions, visit The Graduate College at