Graduate Certificate in Women’s & Gender Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) provides students the opportunity to be exposed to the rapidly expanding interdisciplinary scholarship on women’s and gender studies. This program is designed for students currently enrolled in a graduate program at UNI.

For more information, contact the Women's and Gender Studies office, 225 Sabin, 319-273-7102.

Certificate Credentials

The WGS graduate certificate requires 12 credit hours, which must be successfully completed during a 5 year period to earn the certificate. At least 9 hours have to be completed at UNI and at least 6 of the 12 hours have to be at the 6000-level. Courses fulfilling the certificate program may be used to meet the requirements in a degree program in accordance with the policies of the Graduate College.

Curriculum requirements consist of 1 core course and a minimum of 9 credit hours of electives.

Students must take at least 6 credit hours of elective course work outside the degree-granting program. Students may petition the Director of WGS to add a relevant course.

Required Course (3 hours)

Choose one of the following:

ENGLISH 6120. Feminist Literary Theories and Practice -- 3 hrs. 
WGS 6289. Graduate Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies: Comparative Feminist Theories -- 3 hrs
SOC 5071. Feminist Theories in the Social Sciences -- 3 hrs.

Electives (9 hours)

Choose one course from the Social Sciences Category A, one course from the Humanities Category B, and one course from either A, B, or the Experiential Category C.

Category A: Social Sciences

EDPSYCH 5188. Current Approaches to Multicultural Education -- 3 hrs. 
FAM SERV 5145. Violence in Intimate Relationships -- 3 hrs.
TEXDSGN 5015. Dress and Human Behavior -- 3 hrs.
HPE 5328. Selected Topics in Women's Health -- 3 hrs.
HPE 5162. Introduction to Women's Health -- 3 hrs.
POL AMER 5142. Problems in Juvenile and Family Law -- 3 hrs.
HISUS 5260. United States Women's History -- 3 hrs.
HISEUB 5690. Modern European Women's History -- 3 hrs.
SOC 5045. Social Inequality -- 3 hrs.
SOC 5071. Feminist Theories in the Social Sciences -- 3 hrs.
CRIM 5331. Women, Crime and Society -- 3 hrs.

Category B: Humanities

COMM 5447. Performance and Social Change -- 3 hrs.
COMM 5446. Social Protest: Performance and Rhetoric -- 3 hrs.
COMM 5346. Gender Issues in Communication -- 3 hrs.
ENGLISH 5120. Images of Women in Literature -- 3 hrs.
ENGLISH 6120. Feminist Literary Theories and Practice -- 3 hrs.
RELS 5150. Women and Christianity -- 3 hrs.
RELS 5170. Religion and Sexuality -- 3 hrs.
HUM 5160. Black Women in America: Challenge, Spirit, Survival -- 3 hrs.
WGS 6289. Graduate Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies: Comparative Feminist Theories -- 3 hrs.

Category C: Experiential

WGS 5195. Internship in Women’s & Gender Studies -- 3 hrs.
WGS 6297 Practicum that has a gender focus and is advised by a WGS faculty member -- 3 hrs.

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