Psychology Research

Did you know that UNI students have the opportunity to do research with faculty on important psychological topics?

YOU can make a contribution to knowledge and find out more about a topic that’s important to you while you also learn critical thinking, oral and written communication, and research skills. Research experience is highly recommended for students who are considering graduate school, but it is also helpful for those who are planning to work with a B.A. degree.

Benefits of research experience include:

  • Gain a better understanding of the scientific process through hands-on experience with impactful psychological research
  • Learn content knowledge about an area of interest
  • Learn more about opportunities within the field
  • Learn technical skills important for psychology-related fields
  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Gain professional communication skills (writing, oral presentations, informal communication)
  • Build a relationship with a faculty mentor
  • Begin building a professional CV
  • Practice organizational and time management skills
  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills

Opportunities include:

  • Working with faculty to help collect, analyze, and present data on a topic they are already working on
  • Working with a faculty member and a small group of students to design a project and collect and analyze data and present it
  • Working with a faculty member on a project you design (especially relevant for those who may be interested in honors in psychology) 

So, how do you get involved?

The first step is to find a faculty member to work with. Many faculty begin projects at the very beginning of the semester, so you want to talk to people BEFORE the semester begins. You can start by looking at faculty interests online. Email the professor you're interested in working with to talk about their lab and research.


If you have any questions or need help finding a person to approach, please contact the department at 319-273-2303.