The mental health field is quite interdisciplinary, served by a number of different professionals, and mental health issues arise across an array of settings. The Mental Health Minor serves the following purposes: 1) fosters interdisciplinary exposure to mental health issues, 2) provides broad preparation for those who may directly or peripherally work with mental health issues, and 3) presents different approaches to conceptualization and intervention of mental health issues.

For completion of the Mental Health Minor, the student must pass (C- or higher) 2 required courses and 4 elective courses for a total of 18 hours.


Minor helps compliment careers in a wide variety of professions, including human services, health care, education, business and more.


The program also offers a psychology major and minor, along with certificates in industrial-organizational psychology and military psychology.


Psychology students collaborate with faculty on research projects, gaining valuable skills and career preparation. The program also pairs students in internships with community service organizations and area businesses.

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Required Coursework

PSYCH 1001 Introduction to Psychology 3
FAM SERV 1020 Family Relationships 3

Electives: 12

CRIM 3228 Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System
EDPSYCH 4118/5118 Mental Health and Well-Being in the Classroom
CRIM 4371 Topics in Criminal Justice: Offender Rehabilitation
FAM SERV 3145/5145 Violence in Intimate Relationships
FAM SERV 3160/5160 Family Assessment and Intervention **
FAM SERV 3161/5161 Families, Alzheimer's and Related Dementias
FAM SERV 3162/5162 Issues in Family Policy
PH 2540 Selected Topics in Women's Health
PSYCH 2401 Clinical Psychology
PSYCH 3403/5403 Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 3603/5603 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology *
SOC 3086/5086 Medical Sociology
SOC 3087/5087 Society and Mental Illness
SW 3102 Conflict Resolution
SW 4171/5171 Addictions Treatment
SW 4175/5175 Child Welfare Policy and Practice

Total Hours 18

* Similar child development courses could be substituted for PSYCH 3603/5603 (400:125g) prerequisite with consent of the instructor.
** Prerequisites for FAM SERV 3160/5160 (31F:160g) may be waived with consent of instructor.