Psychology Club

If you are considering psychology (or any other social science), Psych Club is for you!

Psych Club is a University of Northern Iowa organization dedicated to providing quality information, resources and events to all students interested in psychology. Monthly meetings feature pizza, fun activities and icebreakers, guest speakers, volunteer experiences along with information on psychology faculty and classes, majors/minors, jobs, internships and graduate school. Attending Psych Club is a great way to meet new friends, share ideas and experiences, and receive knowledge that further prepares you for your future academic and workplace careers.

Interested? Contact:
2023-2024 Officers:
  • President & PPA Coordinator: Lauren Logue
  • Vice President & Communications Director: Macy Simon
  • Psi Chi Liaison & Volunteer Coordinator: Emma Forest
  • Treasurer & Secretary: Natalie Owens

Psychology Honor Society (Psi Chi)

Psych Club is closely linked with the local UNI chapter of the national honor society for psychology, Psi Chi.

Psych Club officers must be members of the Psi Chi chapter and serve both organizations. Not all Psych Club members are eligible for membership in Psi Chi, but those who are eligible are encouraged to become members. Requirements for membership in Psi Chi include high grades and a minimum number of psychology courses. Eligible students are emailed each January, with a formal induction ceremony in April.