INSPIRE Conference

April 8-9, 2024 // Rod Library

Undergraduate and graduate students from all majors across campus are invited to participate in the 2024 INSPIRE Student Research & Engagement Conference.

The conference is an opportunity for students to showcase the wide variety of experiential activities in which they participate inside and outside of the classroom, including: research, internship, volunteer or study abroad experiences, club activities and/or creative performances.

Submissions will open for the 2024 conference on/around March 1, 2024.



Poster or oral presentation on a research or scholarly project.

Volunteer/Internship Experiences

Poster or oral presentation on a discipline-related volunteer, work or internship experience (e.g., cooperative education, practicum, service learning, study abroad).

‌Club Activities

Student clubs or groups may propose discipline-related activities (e.g., historical re-enactments, project demonstrations, informational workshops) for poster, oral, table or other types of presentations/engagement.

Creative Performances

Individuals or groups of students may do various creative performances, exhibits, or demonstrations (e.g., music, art, improv, dance).