Diversity Colloquium

In 2016, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology established the Diversity Colloquium Series. This series represents our efforts to do something positive, thoughtful, and visible in response to police brutality incidents nationwide as well as a student demand to offer more diversity offerings on campus. The series highlights the work of UNI faculty and students and local community organizations to build a more inclusive and diverse society.

2021-22 Events

Tuesday, September 28

Fighting Forward! Combating the attack on voting rights

Noted as one of Iowa’s most acclaimed leaders, Betty C. Andrews, through commitment to excellence, has built a reputation as a brilliant businesswoman, a powerful civil rights leader and social justice activist, and a strong proponent of connecting people around strategic engagement, culture, history and arts. Betty finds tremendous fulfillment and success in creating, organizing and promoting opportunities that build community. She is president & CEO of Betty Andrews Media (BAM,) a media, events, and strategic communications firm where I’ll Make Me a World in Iowa – Iowa’s African American Festival is one of her key clients. Andrews serves as president of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP State Area Conference of Branches where she leads over thirty units of the national association. Andrews is the founder of the Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities – a change initiative that addresses disproportionality in Iowa’s criminal justice and other systems. Betty is also a parliamentarian and registered lobbyist. She lives by her business tagline and personal motto: Leave ‘em saying “Wow!”

Wednesday, October 20

The Rise in hate crimes in the American Midwest

Gary Nachman has been associated with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for over 25 years. Formerly board president, as well as longtime member, Gary is currently the Regional Director for the Plains States Region (ADL-CRC). Having served on other non-profit boards, Gary brings his passion for ADL’s mission: “...to secure justice and fair treatment to all...,” as he builds allies, partnerships, and endeavors to provide everyone a clear voice, dignity and respect. Working to keep the Jewish community safe in an era of heightened security aware- ness, Gary has formed the Nebraska Jewish Security Task Force and, building on this format, is actively working to create a similar alliance model with other faith-based institutions in the Omaha community.

Past Events