2021-22 Events

Tuesday, September 28

Fighting Forward! Combating the attack on voting rights

Noted as one of Iowa’s most acclaimed leaders, Betty C. Andrews, through commitment to excellence, has built a reputation as a brilliant businesswoman, a powerful civil rights leader and social justice activist, and a strong proponent of connecting people around strategic engagement, culture, history and arts. Betty finds tremendous fulfillment and success in creating, organizing and promoting opportunities that build community. She is president & CEO of Betty Andrews Media (BAM,) a media, events, and strategic communications firm where I’ll Make Me a World in Iowa – Iowa’s African American Festival is one of her key clients. Andrews serves as president of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP State Area Conference of Branches where she leads over thirty units of the national association. Andrews is the founder of the Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities – a change initiative that addresses disproportionality in Iowa’s criminal justice and other systems. Betty is also a parliamentarian and registered lobbyist. She lives by her business tagline and personal motto: Leave ‘em saying “Wow!”

Wednesday, October 20

The Rise in hate crimes in the American Midwest

Gary Nachman has been associated with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for over 25 years. Formerly board president, as well as longtime member, Gary is currently the Regional Director for the Plains States Region (ADL-CRC). Having served on other non-profit boards, Gary brings his passion for ADL’s mission: “...to secure justice and fair treatment to all...,” as he builds allies, partnerships, and endeavors to provide everyone a clear voice, dignity and respect. Working to keep the Jewish community safe in an era of heightened security aware- ness, Gary has formed the Nebraska Jewish Security Task Force and, building on this format, is actively working to create a similar alliance model with other faith-based institutions in the Omaha community.

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