Transfer - Criminology & Criminal Justice

Transferring in Criminology and Criminal Justice

We welcome transfer students in the Criminology and Criminal Justice program at UNI. Indeed more than half of our students are transfers. So, if you decide to finish your bachelor's degree here at UNI, you will be enrolled with many other students who are seeking to finish their 4-year degree here. 

We offer three different degree options for transfer students. You may choose between in-person and online degree options. You may also choose different paths if you completed a 2-year degree at a community college. 

Degree options for transfer students

Advising in Criminology & Criminal Justice

Advisor for in-person BA

Matthew Makarios

Professor Makarios is the advisor for all students enrolled in the traditional, on-campus BA program. 

Advisor for online BA and BAS

Gayle Rhineberger

Professor Rhineberger is the advisor for all students enrolled in the online degree programs.

How will my credits transfer?

Course Equivalency

These Transfer Course Equivalency Lists will show you how your courses transferred into UNI's general education curriculum.

The Plan-it tool can help you figure out which UNI requirements you may have satisfied at an Iowa community college. 

Plan of Study

We have worked closely with community colleges across Iowa to establish transfer plans of study. These plans list recommended courses to take based on your major and current community college.