Benefits & Scholarships

As an ROTC Cadet, you are part of the best college-level leadership training program in the Nation.  We do this through hands-on experiences in problem-solving and decision-making in various situations.  The training you receive will separate you from your peers through these experiences you have gained while in the program. The opportunities offered in the ROTC program will enhance your ability to lead, make decisions, and handle responsibility. Cadets who complete the program become Army officers and a member of the most respected profession in America.  


ROTC classes focus on Leader Training and Development

ROTC Classes and accompanying leadership labs are part of a training process designed to develop leadership skills in a variety of training environments. Using the Army's Leadership Requirements Model (ALRM), we use a system of structured leadership opportunities, coupled with assessment tools and feedback mechanisms to build confident and competent leaders.  Cadets who complete the program commission as an Army officer and serve as a leader in the Army.  



  • 100% of full tuition and fees (including out of state)  OR  room and board at $10,000 annually
  • $1,200 per year for books
  • Monthly paycheck of $500 while in school


National High School Scholarship Program - For HS Seniors

Application window starts in June after the Junior year of High School and runs through early February of the Senior Year. HS Scholarships are available to qualified high school students in either a 4-year or a 3-year award. Go to for more information and to apply.  Students that win a national scholarship will receive additional financial awards from UNI to cover the vast majority of their college education.  

College Scholarship Program - For College Students

College Scholarships are available to qualified students on campus and are awarded as 3-year, 2.5 year and 2 year. Interested students apply through the UNI Army ROTC program.

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Scholarship Program

The GRFD Scholarship is available to students who want to serve as an Officer in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. These require membership in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.  Interested students apply through the UNI Army ROTC program.

Army Reserve/Army National Guard Minuteman Scholarship Program

Select Army Reserve and National Guard units, as well as senior civilians, have specific scholarship allocations they can award to students who meet the qualification.  These scholarships are similar to the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty scholarships in that they require membership in the Army Reserve or National Guard.  These scholarship cadets will commission as an officer into either of the reserve components upon graduation.  

Specialty Scholarships

ROTC also offers scholarships for Nursing students going to Allen College.  The scholarship pays the cost of pre-nurse classes at UNI and then 100% of the tuition and fees at Allen.  Interested students apply through the UNI Army ROTC program.  Availability of these scholarships is limited.


All scholarships are merit-based and subject to applicants meeting all eligibility requirements. Contact UNI-ROTC, Recruiting Operations Officer at or 319-273-6225 for more information on eligibility and applications.

Your commitment to the Army

All scholarship winners who accept (there is no service obligation for applying) a scholarship will be required to sign a contract which obligates them to serve in the military. Service requirements are different based on the scholarship received.

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