Pre-Physical Therapy

For Kinesiology and Exercise Science majors

Interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy? Look no further! Graduates from UNI’s Kinesiology and Exercise Science major boast some of the highest acceptance rates in the nation. Through hands-on experiences, our major helps students gain the skills and knowledge that PT schools are looking for.

Pre-health students presenting research with professor.

Over 3.5 GPA

In the past 4 years, 100% of the exercise science students at UNI with a GPA over 3.5 were accepted.

Most popular major

Kinesiology and Exercise science is the most common major for pre-PT students nationally and at UNI.



89% of our Kinesiology and Exercise Science students that applied to PT school were accepted over the past 4 years.

Former UNI pre-PT student Alex Uding

Launching point for successful careers

An amazing launching point for my professional career. The small classroom size, dedicated professors, and well-rounded curriculum allowed me to explore my individual interests while always feeling supported by knowledgeable and compassionate faculty. The program gave me a pathway to getting into the physical therapy program of my choice. 

Alex Uding, Program Alum and Physical Therapist


Abe Silva Cortes pre-physical therapy and movement and exercise science

Finding a home that fits

It was a school visit that made me realize that UNI has a lot of opportunities for a student like me to able to reach their dream goal. The size of the classrooms are very reasonable allowing the one-on-one connection with any of your professors. The buildings are not too far apart from each other. I am going to be the first generation of my family to graduate from a university and I truly wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else but at UNI.

Abe Silva Cortes, current student

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