Careers in History

What can you do with a History degree?

Here at UNI, there are a number of resources available to students to guide them in their search for internships and employment after graduation. Career Services provides students guidance on building their resume through volunteer opportunities. The office also provides students a listing of Resources for History and students can contact Isabela Varela for a consultation on developing application materials. The university also offers support for student community engagement through the Koob Fund.  

UNI History graduates are successful in a variety of areas, from education to law, government agencies, journalism and publishing, and archives, museums, and historic sites, and they work across the United States, even Hawaii. The skills history students acquire are valued by employers in both the public and the private sectors, and the outlook for employment is high, both at the national level and at the state level in Iowa. 

Networking, Your Personal Brand and e-Recruiting

UNI Assistant Director of Career Services TJ Warren discusses his top tips for preparing for the job search as a History alum.

Careers in Public History

Assistant Professor of History Cheryl Dong discusses the various careers available in Public History.