Ramona McNeal

Associate Professor of Political Science

Ramona McNeal

Sabin 343

(319) 273-6493

Ramona McNeal

Associate Professor of Political Science


Ph.D. Kent State University

Teaching Interests

Political communication, state and local government, research methods and statistics, public policy (policy process, policy analysis, policy evaluation), urban politics, parties and interest groups, American government, campaign finance, elections, political economy, legislative politics, information policy, public administration.

Research Interests

Public Policy, Digital Government, Telecom Policy, Voting, Campaigns & Elections, Health Policy, Education Policy; Methodology (quantitative)

Professional Accomplishments

Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert and Ramona S. McNeal. 2007. Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society and Participation. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Kathleen Hale and Ramona McNeal. 2011. “Technology, Politics, and E-Commerce: Internet Sales Tax and Interstate Cooperation.” Government Information Quarterly. 28(2):262-270.

Kathleen Hale and Ramona McNeal. 2010. “Election Administration Reform and StateChoice: Voter Identification Requirements and HAVA.” Policy Studies Journal. 38(2): 281-302.

Ramona McNeal and Kathleen Hale. 2010. “E-Disclosure of Campaign Finance Information : Divergent Interests in the States.” Journal of Information Technology & Politics. 7(1): 52-66.

Ramona McNeal, Kathleen Hale and Lisa J. Dotterweich. 2008. “Citizen-Government Interaction and the Internet: Expectations and Accomplishments in Contact, Quality and Trust.” Journal of Information Technology & Politics. 5(2): 213-229.

Caroline Tolbert, Karen Mossberger and Ramona McNeal. 2008. “Innovation and Learning: Measuring E-government Performance in the American States 2000-2004.” Public Administration Review. 68(3): 549-563.

Book Chapters:

Ramona McNeal.  2012. “State Response to Obama’s Broadband Access Policy: A Study in Policy Implementation” In Public Sector Transformation through E-Government: Experiences from Europe and North America. Vishanth Weerakkody and Christopher G. Reddick (eds.) Routledge.

Ramona McNeal. 2012. “E-Disclosure of Campaign Finance Information: Agenda Setting  and Policy Change.” In E-Government and Civic Engagement: Factors and Determinates of  E-Democracy. A. Manoharan and M. Holzer (eds.) IGI Global.