HyeYoung Cho, PhD

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

HyeYoung Cho

WRC 117

(319) 273-6478

HyeYoung Cho, PhD

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

What drove your interest in your discipline? Biomechanics is fascinating because we can apply the scientific knowledge derived from Biomechanics to everyday movement.

Why you enjoy what you do: I am a frequent faller (a person who falls more than once a year). Therefore, I do love investigating the cause of falls for myself, and, by doing so, even contribute to decrease the risk of falls for everyone with a lifespan perspective. Falls are not a trivial problem for both young and older adults. That is why I love studying my discipline.

Teaching philosophy: Pedagogically speaking, I believe my teaching style is grounded in problem-based learning. As many students in Kinesiology department go to health-related field after they graduate, learning transfer from knowledge in the class to work field is important. The key aspect of learning transfer is problem-based learning. Thus, I believe students can have the ownership of concepts and become a professional individual through the problem-based learning.

What do you hope students learn from you? Some students do not like physics or mathematics, so they think biomechanics is not interesting. However, biomechanics is not only about numbers and physics, but more about understanding human movement. I hope through my classes students are less afraid of studying biomechanics, and even begin to marvel at the beauty of uncovering description and the causes of human movement.



Ph.D, Purdue University, Dual: Health and Kinesiology/Gerontology
M.S., Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, Department of  Human Movement Studies
B.S., Ewha Womans University, Department of Human Movement Studies