College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

SWAG Minor

Studies in Sexuality, Women and Gender (SWAG) is an undergraduate program that features an interdisciplinary and multicultural course of study. The curriculum allows students to engage in research and exploration concerning all areas of women's and men's experiences. This 18-credit-hour program provides skills that are useful to all majors. 

As a student of SWAG you will:

  • Learn to critically analyze theory and research pertaining to women's and gender studies.
  • Study the intersectionalities of other key categories such as race, class, ethnicity, ability, and nationality.
  • Gain experience in applying your education to real-world situations.

Minor in Sexuality, Women and Gender

Required Courses (6 hours)

WGS 1040*. Women's & Gender Studies: Introduction

Choose one of the following:

WGS 2040. Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

FAM SERV 1057. Human Relationships and Sexuality

RELS 3130. Religion and Sexuality

Electives (12 hours - choose 4)

  • No more than 9 hours from courses with the same prefix.
  • A minimum of 9 hours must be taken from the 3000-level or above.
  • No more than one of the following may be counted for WGS credit: COMM 4446 or SOC 3040.

ANTH 3104 (Same as SOC 3411 and PSYCH4608). Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

COMM 4346. Gender Issues in Communication

COMM 4446**. Social Protest: Performance and Rhetoric

CRIM 4331. Women, Crime and Society

EDPSYCH 4140. Psychology in Educational Contexts

ENGLISH 1120*. Introduction to Literature (Women's Literature Emphasis ONLY**)

ENGLISH 4120. Images of Women in Literature

ENGLISH 4420. The American Renaissance and Reform

ENGLISH 4425. American Realism and Naturalism to WWI

FAM SERV 1057. Human Relationships and Sexuality

FAM SERV 3145. Violence in Intimate Relationships

HPE 4162. Introduction to Women's Health

HPE 4328. Selected Topics in Women's Health

HISUS 4260. U.S. Women's History

HISUS 4280. U.S. Labor History

HISEUB 4690. Modern European Women's History

HUM 3160. Black Women in America: Challenge, Spirit, Survival

PSYCH 2201. Psychology of Gender

RELS 1020*. Religions of the World (Family Life Emphasis ONLY**)

RELS 3130. Religion and Sexuality

RELS 3150. Women and Christianity

SOC SCI 1020*. Women, Men, and Society

SOC 2040. Social Movements

SOC 3045. Social Inequality

SOC 3050. Men and Masculinities

SOC 3151* (CAP 3151). Money, Sex and Power: Theories of Race, Class and Gender

SOC 4050. Sociology of Gender

SOC 4071. Feminist Theories in the Social Sciences

TEXDSGN 4015. Dress and Human Behavior

WGS 2040. Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

WGS 3195. Internship in Women's and Gender Studies

*Also fulfills LAC requirement

**Students must submit a student request form to receive WGS minor credit for this course