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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Graduate Profiles

Students enrolled in the M.A. in Women's & Gender Studies program share a common core sequence of courses. In their choice of electives, students customize their degrees, drawing on the diverse course options available in the UNI curriculum as well as on their individual interests. Each student creates a degree unique to them that are supported by a solid foundation in feminist theory and cutting-edge perspectives on gender analysis. The sample profiles below illustrate the broad range of choices recent students have made.

Johnanna GanzThesis: Defining the "Good" Mother:  Examining the Myths of Motherhood and the Hierarchical Construction of Femininity in Weeds and Weekly Magazines
Electives: Women & Christianity, Ethnographic Research, Sociology of Culture
Other Degree Highlights: winner of the Outstanding Graduate Research Paper on Gender Award
Current Position: Ph.D. student

Thesis: Drowning in Loneliness and Writing the Blues: Creating Lesbian Space in the Novels of Radclyffe Hall and Leslie Feinberg was based on the following course electives
Electives: Seminar on Virginia Woolf; Readings in Women's & Gender Studies: Lesbian Literary theory; Women and Christianity; Seminar in Political Communication; Fundraising and Grant Development
Other Degree Highlights: nominated for the UNI Outstanding Thesis Award; graduate assistantship with two professors on self-esteem among adult women
Current Position: Associate Senior Editor of a medical journal

Thesis: A Whole Range of Women - A Novel
Electives: Writers of the Harlem Renaissance; Readings in English: African American Women Writers; Studies in Literatures of the Midwest; Studies in Fiction Writing; Blues, Film, and African-American Literatures; 19th Century Women Writers
Other Degree Highlights: Presented a paper on "Challenging Definitions of Female Creativity" at the Midwest/MidAtlantic Feminist Graduate Student Conference; graduate assistantship with a professor on Midwestern Women Who Return to Orthodox Judaism
Current Position: Legal assistant and researcher, labor and gender discrimination law practice. Continues creative writing with publications in regional journals.

Thesis: Images of Japanese Women Who Seek Emancipation Through the Experience of Death
Electives: Images of Women in Literature; Studies in the Short Story; Studies in the Canadian Short Story; Readings in Japanese Religion and Culture
Other Degree Highlights: Presented paper on her thesis research at the University of Montana
Current Position: University Instructor:  English Department

Thesis: Accentuate The Positive and Ignore The Real: World War II Nurses In So Proudly We Hail And Movietone Newsreels
Electives: Theories of Sex and Gender; Marxism; Women and Christianity
Other Degree Highlights: participation at a meeting on the theme Feminist Challenge: Theories, Practice and Politics in Chicago; speaking on the feminist panel in the course, "Gender Issues in Communication"
Current Position: Corporate Program Manager

Thesis: Making Trouble: A Queer Activist's Handbook
Electives: Fundraising and Grant Writing for Non-Profits; Practicum in Women's Studies; Feminist Literary Theories and Practice
Other Degree Highlights: nominated for the UNI Outstanding Master's Thesis Award; Project Director of the Students Against a Violent Environment helping to write a campus violence prevention grant, which was submitted to the Justice Department in Washington D.C. and granted; co-presentation of a paper entitled "Trans-Gendering Feminist Subjects: Pedagogy, Curriculum and the Inclusion of Gender Diversity" at the National Women's Studies Association Conference New Mexico
Current Position: Coordinator of School and Community Outreach and a Case Manager at a university Youth and AIDS Project

Thesis: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault: A Feminist Perspective
Electives: Gender: Cross Cultural Perspective; Seminar in Communication: Languages, Gender, and Culture; Feminist Literature and Practice
Other Degree Highlights: participation at the Expo-96 sponsored by the Feminist Majority in Washington D.C.
Current Position: Curriculum Development Director statewide

Thesis: For the Development of Women's Studies in the New Millennium: A Survey of Women's Studies Master's Degree Programs in the United States from the Students' Perspective
Electives: Single Parent Family Issues; Gender: Poststructuralist, Psychoanalytic, and Feminist Perspectives: Women's Health
Other Degree Highlights: participation at the National Women's Studies Association in New Mexico, participation to the conference in Boston on "Reevaluation and Repositioning: Gender, Women's Agency and Development in China at the Threshold of the New Century"
Current Position: Enrolled in Ph.D. program

Thesis: Grief: Catholic Women and the Funeral Dinner
Electives: Ethics in Public Policy Analysis; Gender Issues in Communication; Performance and Rhetorical Texts in Social Change
Current Position: Social Services in the St. Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota area

Thesis: The Diary/Journal: Talking With Women Who Record Their Lives
Electives: Seminar in Cultural Performance; Seminar in Communication: Language, Gender, and Culture; Seminar in Folklore Research
Other Degree Highlights: nominated for the UNI Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 
Current Position:  University Academic Advisor

Thesis: Without Consent: Roman Catholic Women Sexually Abused/Exploited in the Pastoral Relationship
Electives: Qualitative Research; Religion in America; Religion and Sexuality
Current Position: Therapis in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota area

Thesis: Making Coffee, Breaking Bread, and Bridging the Gaps: An Ethnography of Bosnian Women in the Refugee Community of Des Moines, Iowa
Electives: Readings in Women's Studies: Feminist Ethnography; Fundraising and Grant Development; Communication Research Methods; Studies in Public Policy Ethics; Religion and autobiography
Other Degree Highlights: Served as director of programming and development for the undergraduate women's studies program
Current Position: University Instructor in School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure