College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

SWAG Research Forum (Sexuality, Women, and Gender)

Stay tuned for our 2019-2020 schedule for the newly-named SWAG Research Forum!

In order to expand the research that we present to the UNI community, we have renamed the CROW Forum to SWAG, representative of issues related to Sexuality, Women and Gender. If you are interested in presenting your research or would like to suggest a faculty member for the forum, please email!


SWAG Research Forums are held on the first Monday of each month (Sep-Dec, Feb-Apr) at 12 noon in Rod Library, Room 301, unless otherwise noted.  Faculty, staff, students and members of the wider community are invited!


Spring 2019 Schedule 

March 4: Dr. Yasemin Sari | Philosophy 

Refugees & Artificial Equality 

  • Scholarspace, Rod Library 
April 1: Sara Naughton | Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Student

Female Grief for Civil Rights Martyrs: Emotional Labor as Activism 

  • ​​Scholarspace, Rod Library 

Fall 2018 Schedule

October 8: Dr. Shahina Amin | Economics 

Teaching and Managing Faculty-Student Interactions as an International Faculty Member

  • Elm Room, Maucker Union
November 5: Kyrie Borsay | Women's and Gender Studies

Implicit Bias: Unconscious Associations Influenced By Experience

  • ScholarSpace Room 301, Rod Library  
December 3: Dr. Alan Heisterkamp and Dr. Michael Fleming | Center for Violence Prevention 

A Community in Motion: Preventing Trauma and Abuse Where We Are

  • ScholarSpace Room 301, Rod Library