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Donor Highlight: Michael & Mary Lynn Wright

The Wrights


Michael Wright, ’69 (American history), and Mary Lynn (Snodgrass) Wright, ’71 (elementary education), first met in the library.

That chance meeting led to a courtship and eventually their marriage. Upon graduation from UNI, Mr. Wright took a job as a history teacher in Waterloo. But, like many couples of that era, the Wrights had to endure a separation while Mr. Wright served the country in the Vietnam War. He returned from Vietnam a highly decorated veteran and remains a passionate supporter of our country’s military.

After returning from military service, the couple settled into married life with Mr. Wright resuming his teaching position in Waterloo and Mrs. Wright teaching elementary school. While living in the Cedar Valley the couple welcomed their only child, Nichole, into their family.

Mr. Wright eventually left the teaching profession and became a lobbyist for Hoffmann-LA Roche for 37 years, covering seven states with a wide range of healthcare and regulatory issues. The Wrights have resided in Texas since 1978. Mr. Wright has worked with policymakers on a variety of topics including Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, patient access and rights, scope of practice issues, taxation and tort reform.

Mr. Wright served on Health & Human Services Committees with the National Governors Association, National Council of State Legislators, the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Medicaid Directors Association.

After a short retirement, Mr. Wright is now the vice president of government affairs for American Pharmacies and doing business in thirty-one states.

Mrs. Wright remained active in the education profession until her retirement. She taught for thirty-three years in Waterloo, Houston and Austin, Texas. She continues to fondly reminisce about these years. Her great joys are the many contacts with students who went on to be successful in their own rights and attribute their success to her influence on their lives. Mrs. Wright remains active in fundraising for Dell’s Children’s Hospital, Great Hills Country Club Book Club and NW Hills Bible Study.

Mr. Wright is active in multiple organizations in the Austin area, serving as president of Great Hills Country Club, president of Great Hills Homeowners Association, Dell Hospital NW Circle of Friends, the University of Houston College of Pharmacy Dean’s Advisory Council and the RxWiki Corporate Advisory Board. In addition, he serves on the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Advisory Board and has been nominated to serve on the UNI Board of Trustees.

The Wrights have been loyal supporters of UNI and CSBS. They have established an endowed scholarship, supported the Teaching Iowa History project, the CSBS Dean’s Fund, the gerontology program, Panther Pantry and the newly established UNITogether Scholarship.


"UNI provided a strong foundation for Lynn
and myself to be successful in the teaching
and political realms. Giving back is a very
important part of our lives. To actually meet
and get to know the UNI students our resources
are helping matters tremendously."
--Michael Wright, '69


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