College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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The generosity of our alumni and friends has always been important to the college and our students. Alumni, along with faculty and students, help make the CSBS community successful. We look to alumni to help support our students in a number of ways, including helping them find internship or jobs, speaking to classes about their experiences and of course donating funds to help support and improve the vital programs that make CSBS a college that puts quality education first.  Unfortunately, state support for higher education has been steadily declining during this decade, leaving the university and our students with a heavy financial burden. As we face unprecedented challenges in the history of education, we have been impressed by the generosity of our alumni in supporting scholarships and academic activities to improve the quality of the educational experience of our students.

Dean's Fund for Excellence:

The Dean's Fund for Excellence in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences allows the dean to fund opportunities and activities where funding from other sources is either limited or non-existent.  The Dean looks to fund activities that increase student access to existing programs and enhance the quality of education they receive at the University of Northern Iowa. During the current year, the areas of greatest need have been identified as:

  • Support for CSBS students to participate in study abroad programs.
  • Funds for undergraduate students to pursue their research.
  • CSBS undergraduate and graduate student travel to professional conferences to present the results of their research.
  • Support for CSBS faculty to develop innovative teaching approaches.

Our purpose is to provide students with the best possible educational experience during their time at UNI, enriching their education in ways that will stay with them for a lifetime. Moreover, experiences such as these can give students an important edge as they apply for graduate or professional school, or as they search for a job after graduation.

Please help support the CSBS Dean's Fund for Excellence