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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Student Social Work Association

Student Social Work Association (SSWA)


What is the SSWA?
  • The SSWA is a growing student organization from the Social Work Department full of students who want to learn more about the profession.
  • The SSWA brings in speakers and organizes events that help students to become informed and active in the community and with those practicing Social Work.
Why should you join the SSWA?
  • To learn more about social work
  • To meet others with the same interests as you
  • To get involved helping others both on campus and in the community

What is the time commitment?

  • You can put as much or as little time as you like into your membership. Sign-up sheets are passed around for each event and if you don't think you have the time, there is no pressure to sign up to help out. Because all of these activities are dependent upon member involvement the only thing we do ask is that if you do sign up to help at an event that you stick it out until the end, or let us know right away if something comes up.

Visit the UNI SSWA facebook page at Students can post volunteer opportunties, ask questions of their peers and learn more about past volunteer projects. If you have any questions about the SSWA, you can email


Spring 2017

SSWA Officers:


Co- President:

Courtney Klein


Hometown: Hospers, Iowa

Year: Junior

What made you choose social work as a major?  I love policy and seeing how various systems work.  I also have a huge love for helping people, and I thought social work would be a great major to combine these two passions. 

Why do you enjoy being a SSWA member?  I enjoy helping other students and seeing them thrive – I think I can offer a different perspective, so by being a SSWA member, I’m another resource that students can use to succeed.

Dream job?  Immigration attorney or global policy/international organizations coordinator.

Fun/Random Fact: I love to travel. 



Cylea Ahif


Hometown: St. Ansgar, Iowa

Year: Senior

What made you choose social work as a major?: After working with special needs adults at Comprehensive Systems I knew I had to pursue a job in the social work setting.

Why do you enjoy being a SSWA member?: I enjoy being a SSWA member because it's a time to bring all social work majors together and share each others knowledge. I also really enjoy doing the various volunteer things that we do. I believe that it's a good way to get our name out there and help others.

Dream job?: I would really like to pursue a job within the child welfare setting or as a case manager for people with special needs.

Fun/Random Fact: I was in Beijing, China for 6 weeks last summer



Bobbi Metcalf


Hometown: Blaine, Minnesota

Year: Senior

What made you choose social work as a major?: I wanted to help others heal and reach their goals.

Why do you enjoy being a SSWA member?: I enjoy being involved in student organizations.

Dream job: My dream job is to become a licensed mental health therapist.

Fun/Random Fact: My favorite color is purple.



Taylor Benge


Hometown: Indianola, IA

Year: Sophomore

What made you choose social work as a major?: I knew I wanted to work with children and make a difference in people's lives somehow.

Why do you enjoy being a SSWA member?: I get a chance to meet other people in my major and have people I can relate to and get advice about different classes in the department.

Dream Job?: I would like to be a school social worker someday.

Fun/Random Fact: I love cats.


Student Representative:

McKenna Keck


Hometown: Adair, Iowa

Year: Senior

What made you choose social work as a major?: I want to help people! I'm specifically passionate about helping people overcome problems like addiction and homelessness.

Why do you enjoy being a SSWA member?: I enjoy being a SSWA member because it helps me get to know others in my major, and we have a lot of fun in our meetings.

Dream job?: My dream job (as of now) is to be an addictions treatment counselor. I'd also like to work with veterans and/or the homeless.

Fun/Random Fact:  I play guitar, very enthusiastically, but not very well. :) I love reading and all things artsy, and enjoy working as an on-site coordinator and my family's barn/wedding venue.


Faculty Advisor:

Jim Hanson, Ph.D.


SSWA Accomplishments for 2012-1013 academic year.

SSWA Accomplishments for the 2011-2012 academic year.