College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

MSW Student Association

Master of Social Work Student Association (MSWSA) 

The  MSWSA is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting academic, professional and personal growth of M.S.W. students throughout their time at the university. The MSWSA participates in community outreach and service projects, and organizes social events for students to communicate with cohorts. The MSWSA aims to bring all members of the M.S.W. Program together in order to build a stronger, more unified program. This association is responsive and flexible to students’ interests and concerns.

If you have questions about the MSW Student Association or are interested in becoming a member, joining a meeting remotely via Zoom, or receiving updates on minutes and group activities please contact Nicole Valentine ( or Madison Neece (

2019-2020 MSWSA Student Members during the Fall Kick Off Meeting

2019-2020 MSWSA Officers:

  • Co-President, Advanced Standing Cohort, Nicole Valentine

  • Co-President, Foundations Cohort, Madison Neece

  • Treasurer, Maddie Smith

  • Secretary, Sevlija Ademovic


​Department Advisor:  Dr. Steven Onken (