College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social Welfare Minor

The social welfare minor provides a comprehensive understanding of the social welfare system in the U.S. and abroad, the values behind it, and the social issues facing social workers in the coming years; it does not provide the specific skills needed for actual social work practice or for social work licensing.
Students complete two required courses and four elective courses offered by the Department of Social Work for a total of 18 hours. If a student chooses to major in Social Work, all the courses taken for the Minor in Social Welfare will apply to the major; however, students cannot receive both a Minor in Social Welfare and a major in Social Work at the same time.

While the Minor in Social Welfare does not prepare students to practice as social workers or to be licensed as social workers in the State of Iowa (LBSW), it will provide an understanding of social welfare and social service programs, and introduce students to the wide variety of Social Work positions in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the for profit sector. The minor will provide a basic understanding of the profession of Social Work and prepare students for graduate studies in Social Work leading to a Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree.


Required Core Courses:  
      SW 1001 Introduction to Social Work and Social Services   3
      SW 1041 Social Welfare: A World View (substitutes allowed)   3
Electives (Select four courses from the following):


American Racial and Ethnic Minorities  
Conflict Resolution  
Social Policies and Issues  
Diversity and Difference  
Human Behavior and the Social Environment  
Addictions Treatment  
Social Services for Older Adults  
Child Welfare Policy and Practice  
Total Hours