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Meet our Alumni!

At the University of Northern Iowa, we prepare proficient and ethical social work professionals committed to social change in a variety of organizations and professional roles with specializations in a trauma-informed framework. Our graduates go on to serve as administrators, program directors, clinicians, and community change agents in a wide range of public and private settings and systems. As a member of our diverse and dedicated community of students, faculty, field instructors, and alumni, you will transform your commitment to improving the quality of life for people into professional knowledge and skills. If you would like to be included on the Social Work Alumni listserv to receive notices of department conferences, surveys for program development and assist us in tracking employment, please contact Jenny Becker at We'd also like to hear what you've been up to! Please visit our Alumni Updates page to update your information.


Here is what past graduates of the BA and MSW programs had to say about their experience at the University of Northern Iowa:


Marcus Brewer“I am a firm believer that far too many people in America go to jobs every day that they hate. I am not one of those unfortunate ones. My Social Work degree from University of Northern Iowa helped me to direct my desires to help others. It gave me the platform to take the knowledge I gained and apply it in a real world setting. The social work ethic of being an agent of change is one that has served me well. I have been able to look for what little things can be done to effect the most change. My degree has allowed me to be able to create a program and my position within the Waterloo Community School District. I love my challenging, but rewarding job and look forward to continuing to help children understand the importance of an education. I still feel a deep connection to the Social Work program at UNI and would encourage anyone who might have an interest in school Social Work to get ahold of me. I would love to show all the great things that happen every day here at the Expo Alternative Learning Center.”

-Marcus H. Brewer, Chief Case Manager Expo Alternative Learning Center (BSW, Class of 1994)



Amber Kopecky, Staff Development Specialist at North Star Community Services“The social work program at UNI offered me the ability to discover what I truly wanted to do through a variety of hands on experiences both in the field and in the classroom. Volunteering and hearing from guest speakers, as well as the time spent in class going through therapeutic techniques all proved to be a tremendous asset once I graduated.”

- Amber Kopecky, Staff Development Specialist at North Star Community Services, (BSW, Class of 2014)






“My experience with the MSW program at UNI has assisted me with moving forward with my career as a therapist.  I currently am in private practice and my knowledge learned from UNI prepared me to run a successful practice. Thank you to the Social Work program for preparing me with the skills necessary to assist my clients with moving forward in their lives.”

- Jacquelyn Schultz, LISW Wapsi Valley Family Counseling


“My experience at UNI was two-fold, I worked at UNI as well as getting my undergrad and graduate degree. I was allowed to take classes while I worked to get my undergrad degree and for my graduate degree I was allowed to take a leave of absence. I was raising 3 sons and my plate was full. The Social Work professors were caring and helpful and they understood that most of us had jobs and needed patience and understanding.”

- Rose Loggins, Amani County Services