College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Graduate Assistantships

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

Graduate Assistantships are available to qualified students who are working toward a graduate degree at the University of Northern Iowa. They may only be held by full-time students who are in residence during the time of their appointment.

Graduate Assistantships are essential for the recruitment of excellent students into the graduate program. A well-funded Graduate Assistantship program is an important component in the university's efforts to attract high quality students. Such students enliven the academic environment of the university by setting high standards for their fellow students and calling forth the best from their professors. Assistantships can provide the means for an influx of new ideas and viewpoints since they attract students from other colleges and universities.

These awards make it possible for many students to enroll full-time in graduate degree programs who would otherwise be forced to seek their degrees through part-time study. They not only enable the student to complete his or her degree more quickly, but also afford the benefits of full-time involvement in study and academically related pursuits at the university. The level of financial support has become a significant factor in the ability of a university to maintain a strong graduate program.

Graduate assistants are full-time graduate students employed on a half-time basis (10 hours per week) or on a full-time basis (20 hours per week) to work on assignments which meet the guidelines approved by the Graduate Council. A graduate assistant receives a stipend for services rendered to the University.

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