College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Celebrating our Spring 2019 Graduates

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019
Congratulations to our graduating Panthers! Below are a few of the many inspirational CSBS students graduating this semester.

SirajSiraj Mani Acharya

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Major: Sociology
Post-Graduation Plans: Interning with Harvard’s Pre-College Program for summer as an activities coordinator and starting graduate school this fall in the Human Resources and Industrial Relations program at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

"There are many individuals who have been influential during my time at UNI. I am so thankful for professors like Dr. Kristin Mack, Dr. Adam Butler and Dr. Mike Gasser, and staff members like Jean Wisely and Constance Hansen, who have shaped me into the person I am today."


TristanTristan Bernhard

Hometown: Mason City, Iowa
Major(s): Political Science, Social Science Education
Post-Graduation Plans: Entering the Master’s in Education Policy and Analysis program at Harvard Graduate School of Education 

"My experiences at UNI have taught me more than anything just how to connect with people. Whether it was friends, administrators, teachers, my students, or anybody in between, I have gained a lot of experience finding commonalities and shared goals those around me. In a divisive world, I think that has tremendous value."


KylaKyla Ford

Hometown: Lisbon, IA
Major: Social Work
Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing a PhD in Community Psychology with an emphasis in violence studies and prevention research at the University of Illinois at Chicago

"My employment with the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice has been my favorite experience at UNI because it has allowed me to learn more about multiculturalism in a college setting and the importance of collaboration and respect between cultures and individual students."


MattMatthew Johnson

Major: Public Administration and Political Science
Post-Graduation Plans: Entering the workforce in the Des Moines area in the non-profit sector or state government administration

"I have a forever appreciation towards the faculty in the Department of Political Science. This group of professors are dedicated to helping students get the most out of their college experience by creating an engaging classroom atmosphere and encouraging students to use opportunities outside of the classroom."


NatashaNatasha Peterson

Hometown: Britt, Iowa
Major(s): Gerontology, Psychology
Post-Graduation Plans: Accepted into the Gerontology PhD program at Iowa State University 

"The experiences that have been most rewarding are research-related. I have been to research conferences in Boston, Denver and Des Moines. I also helped Dr. Hildebrandt give a public lecture on her research in London, England. Lastly, Dr. Cheng and I submitted my research from the Fruehling Award to a journal to be published!"


YakiraYakira Sanders

Hometown: Des Moines
Major: Social Work
Post-Graduation Plans: Entering the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at Iowa State University

"My mother has been very influential during my time here at UNI. She has supported me through the toughest times, while also helping me celebrate my accomplishments. She has been my #1 fan and I would not have made it this far without her support. I would also like to thank Juana Hollingsworth who was my pathfinder and has assisted me since my first day on campus. She has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to reach new heights."


BrennaBrenna Wolfe

Major(s): Sociology and Public Administration
Post-Graduation Plans: Attending law school at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois

"My professors have been the most influential in my college career, especially Carissa Froyum, Cara Burnidge, and Amandajean Freking Nolte. They have been amazing role models and guided me through tough decisions."