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Why Choose UNI?

TAPP students

Because the UNI Textile and Apparel Program is a Cut Above!!! 

Take the time to analyze our program and you will see we are the program of choice...

There is no better program in Textiles and Apparel! 

An important note:  There is NO recognized accrediting body for Textile and Apparel programs in the U.S. Any claims that a program makes to be accredited or "endorsed" is not a credible statement. The UNI Faculty strongly suggest that students and their parents look beyond such dubious claims of accreditation and carefully consider curriculum, facilities, and placements when making a decision about where to matriculate.

Introduction:  In the heart of Iowa, we have developed an industry responsive program that can move you into a challenging job with advancement potential.   Our industry board, based in Minneapolis, keeps us in touch with national and international trends and helps us get you internships and job placements.  Whether your interest is marketing, design, advertising, or product development and sourcing, or buying we have classes and faculty to lead you on your way to success.

Product Development, the hottest growth area in the industry, is a strong focus of our program.  This exciting new career opportunity combines:

  • sourcing fabric all over the world
  • textile and apparel design
  • assortment planning
  • quality control
  • marketing
  • trend analysis
  • computer aided design

Here are some features of our program that you should consider:

  • Small classes
  • State-of-the-art Computer Aided Design Software
  • Friendly, accessible Professors
  • Professors, not graduate students, teach courses
  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Very high placement rates
  • Unusual undergraduate research opportunities
  • Professional academic program, supported by first-rate liberal education
  • Modern textile material analysis equipment
  • Professionally equipped design studio

Graduates from our program are working and interning in a wide array of positions and geographical locations with the textile and apparel industry. For example:

  • May Merchandising Corporation, St. Louis, MO -- Technical Design
  • Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MI -- Trend Analysis
  • Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MI -- Technical Design
  • Walmart Corporation, Bentonville, Arkansas -- Product Development, Computer Aided Design
  • Eddie Bauer, Miami, FL -- Sourcing/Production Woven Fabrics
  • Cabela's, Nebraska -- Product Development/Quality Assurance
  • Cabela's, Nebraska -- Computer Aided Design
  • Von Maur Corporation, Iowa -- Assistant Buyer
  • Lands' End Catalogue Direct Mail in Dodgeville, WI -- Product Quality Control
  • J.C. Penney Corporate Headquarters, Dallas, TX -- Catalogue Analyst; Product Testing Laboratory
  • Carabella (Catalogue Direct Mail), Los Angeles, CA -- Assistant Buyer/Designer
  • Nordstrom's Regional Corporate Offices, Chicago, IL -- Promotion and Advertising
  • Target Corporate Offices, Minneapolis, MN, -- Product Testing Laboratory; Merchandising; Styling
  • Chicago Apparel Center, Chicago, IL -- Fashion Office, Fashion Runway Show Production; Marketing Office
  • Sirena Apparel Group (Swimwear Manufacturer), Los Angeles, CA -- Designer/Product Development

The Textiles and Apparel program at UNI has excellent facilities and equipment, including:

  • Classrooms equipped with Internet connections so that your Professor can bring key knowledge resources from around the world to you on a large screen right in your class.
  • State-of-the-Art software applications for textiles and apparel.  UNI is one of a very few textile and apparel programs that will have access to the industry-valued product development program U4ia.   Click on U4ia to get to their site and see what you will learn how to use!
  • State-of-the-Art laboratory equipment for assessing the serviceability potential and physical properties of textile materials.  Equipment that students will get to use themselves!
  • Professionally appointed design studios, with industry standard equipment!