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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

TAPP Expo 2002

Design by Kate Lilienthal

The Student Design Show is an annual highlight and serves as a culmination of a year's work for Textile and Apparel students.  The apparel items have been created by students and approved by jury before being exhibited.  The actual planning, promotion, choreography, music and execution of the show is also done entirely by students. Since our program has a distinct focus on product development, the energy and creativity that goes into the annual design show is central to the program's academic efforts!

Jennifer Hanlon, a former graduate of the UNI's Textile and Apparel program served as show jurist. In 1993, Jennifer directed the very first TAPP Expo Design Show, so we were delighted to have her return and select the best designs for this year's show. Jennifer's visit was funded by a grant from the University's Fifty-Seven Fund, which Dr. Lynch acquired. Jennifer is currently a Senior Human Resources Generalist with Minnesota Public Radio.

The designs are created in textile and apparel classes, as well as during the student's own private time.  The designs represent hours of conceptual development and painstaking labor to produce them.  Designs range from high concept, to pragmatic, to historically influenced, to forms of wearable art.

ARTS in april

The show itself is the combined effort of the TAPP student organization, other volunteer students, and faculty.  Funding from student fees helps to allay some of the expenses.

This year's design show was a proud participant of UNI's Arts in April Series!