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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Style Perspectives-TAPP Expo 2006

TAPP expo 2006The Student Design Show is an annual highlight for our academic program and serves as a culmination of a year's work for Textile and Apparel students.  The apparel items viewed during the show have been created by students and approved by jury before being exhibited.  The actual planning, promotion, choreography, music and execution of the show is also done entirely by students with the guidance of faculty. Since our program has a distinct focus on product development, the energy and creativity that goes into the annual design show is central to our program's mission!

This year's apparel designs were juried by TAPP Program Graduate Heather Schoeman (formerly Homan) who is currently an associate with Target Corporation! It has long been our philosophy to bring in outside professionals to select student designs of merit for our show. We are grateful for Heather's contribution to our program this year! Below is a photo of Heather and Dr. Strauss, taken several years ago when Heather herself was a design show director:


As is our practice, upper class students voluntarily agree to direct the show. This year's extraordinary outcome is very much the results of our director's professional efforts. Below are show this year's show directors:


2006 Design Show Directors: (left to right) Brittany Lester, Erin Landt, and Erin Dixon

Of course, the show could never occur were it not for the efforts of many students. Instrumental in executing such a complicated project are students in Dr. Lynch's Fashion Promotion class, volunteers from among other TAPP majors, and UNI students and alumni who agree to model for the show. Below are some photographs of the fit session during which models and designs are matched:

Designer Brittany Lester Designer Erin Hamburg Designer Erin Dixon

Designer Brittany Lester

Designer Erin Hamburg 

Designer Erin Dixon

Notes on photographs: the following photographs were taken during the Design Show by Dr. Mitchell D. Strauss on April 8, 2006. Originally shot in NEF RAW and then converted to jpg format. Equipment included a Nikon D70 Digital SLR, Nikon SB600 Flash, and a Gitzo Reporter Basalt Fiber Composite Tripod, equipped with a ball head. The photographs were shot with a 1/30 shutter speed and an aperture of F4. Occasional blurring was a result of a combination of model movement and slow shutter speed, which was selected to give a reasonable depth of field. Student designers have my permission to use the photographs as they wish.

We could not do the show without the help of our patrons and sponsors. The Dean Jill Wallace  supported the show with a major financial commitment from the budget of the College of Social and Behavior Sciences for which we are exceptionally grateful. In addition, other corporations such as Pepsi Cola and Red Bull supported our program with financial contributions. Finally, students and their families help. Below are photographs of some of our patrons: