College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Registering for Spring 2020 Classes

TAPP Majors and Minors:

I hope you all are having a great semester. I have been receiving a good amount of emails and questions regarding registration, so I wanted to send a quick message with some important information. 

Here are the advance registration dates for each classification:

Seniors: November 4 - 5
Juniors: November 6 - 8
Sophomores: November 11 - 14
Freshmen: November 15 - 20
Unclassified: November 20

In other words, course registration time is rapidly upon us! The faculty have some recommendations and advice for all of you who will be signing up for spring 2019 courses.

Please schedule a visit with your advisor to get registration holds removed, if necessary.

Dr. Mord and/or Dr. Lynch will be happy to spend time advising you. INDEED, we really believe you should visit with your adviser. Please make an appointment to see us. It is immensely helpful if you arrive at the meeting having given serious thought to your program of study! It is not too difficult to advise yourself or prepare adequately for a meeting with us. The first, best place to begin is to review your degree audit, which can be found at "myUNIverse." It will list all the classes you must take to complete your degree and show you the ones that you have already taken.

Further information about our curriculum can be found on our "Curriculum" page. There you can find a four-year program of study and the major's requirements.

Here is some ballpark advice to pay close attention to:

  • Courses that early majors and minors can/should take:
    • TEXDSGN 1002 Textile Science
    • TEXDSGN 2005 Fashion Promotion: very interesting and fun and involves producing the Spring TAPP Design Show!
    • TEXDSGN 2004 Costume History: a required class you need to take if you are graduating this year or next!
  • The advanced Computer Applications class TEXDSGN 3008 is one you should take if you have fulfilled the prerequisite TEXDSGN 2006 Computer Design Foundations.
  • For more advanced students, we recommend the following courses as they are required for graduation:
    • TEXDSGN 3012 Fashion Design: Flat Pattern and Draping
    • TEXDSGN 4016 Apparel Product Development, Merchandising & Buying