College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Registering for Fall 2020 Classes

TAPP Majors and Minors:

Course registration time is rapidly upon us. The Faculty have some recommendations and advice for all of you who will be signing up for FALL 2020 courses. We have plenty of great courses available this year!

It is program policy not to place registration holds on TAPP majors, which means that you can register without receiving advisor permission. If for some reason you still have a hold on your registration, please check with your advisor first,  then the registrar to ascertain why a hold might still exist if your advisor cannot remove it. In some cases there may be reasons for the hold beyond your advisor's control. For example, there may be an outstanding tuition and fees payment that you would have to address. Some of you may also have a hold emanating out of other advising offices.

Simply because we do not require advisor permission to register does not mean that Dr. Lynch or I will not be happy to spend time advising you if you think you need help. If so, please make an appointment with either of us. It is immensely helpful if you arrive at the meeting with your advisor having given serious thought to your program of study!

It is not too difficult to advise yourself or prepare adequately for a meeting with us. The first, best place to begin is to review your degree audit, which can be found at "myUNIverse." It will list all the classes you must take to complete your degree and show you the ones that you have already taken.

Further information about our curriculum can be found on our Curriculum page. There you can find the major's and minor's requirements.

Here's some ball park advice to pay close attention to:

  • for new majors and minors, the first step is to take TEXDESIGN 1000 Fashion, Culture and Industry. 
  • if you have not taken  TEXDESIGN 1002 Textile Science, try to get into it because it is a major prerequisite for more advanced courses. (there will be a sign-up sheet in the Main Office for you to get into this course)
  • if you have not taken TEXDESIGN 1003 Creative Design Foundations, try to get into it. It is an important prerequisite required for all apparel design and computer design courses!!!
  • if you have not taken TEXDESIGN 2006 Computer Textile and Apparel Design Foundations, try to get into it as it is also an important foundational course.
  • Another major class to consider taking on your path through the major is TEXDSGN 3011 Fashion Trend Analysis.
  • if you have taken TEXDESIGN 1002 Textile Science or plan on taking it this fall, try to get into TEXDESIGN 2007 Apparel Evaluation because it is a major prerequisite for the more advanced design courses.
  • more advanced sophomore students, as well as junior and above should make sure they register for TEXDESIGN 3010 Quality Assurance.
  • Also for students anticipating an internship, it is important that you take the required TEXDSGN 3013 Professional Development course.
  • NEW: Students are advised to substitute Business 2010 Entrepreneurial Fundamentals for Retail Management in their program of study!
  • Remember to see your advisor if you have any registration questions!