College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Our Faculty

From a recent external review of our program: "The core strength of UNI's Textile and Apparel Program is its faculty."

UNI's Textile and Apparel program is not huge like some others around the country. The size of our program is purposeful and our choice. As a result, you will not get lost in the shuffle and you will participate in one of the best textile and apparel programs in the country. Just check out our placements as confirmation. Our faculty know all of our majors personally. To serve the students, we have three full-time faculty that teach in Textiles and Apparel.  If you would like to ask us any questions about our program, click on our names to send us an email or click on our photographs to find our teaching websites!

Here are our full-time faculty:

Dr. Annette Lynch (Director of the School of Applied Human Sciences) Dr. Lynch has a website of her own... if you click on her image you will be transported there!

 Dr. Annette Lynch

Dr. Mitchell D. Strauss -- Dr. Strauss has a website of his own... if you click on his image you will be transported there!

Dr. M. Strauss

Dr. Strauss is the current Program Coordinator. Here he is checking out state-of-the art functional apparel.

Dr. Sharon Mord, who teaches our design classes, both computer and apparel oriented.

Dr. Mord