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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Look: TAPP Expo 2008

The Student Design Show is the annual highlight of our academic program and serves as a culmination of a year's work for Textile and Apparel students. The apparel items viewed during the show are created by students and approved by jury before being exhibited. The actual planning, promotion, choreography, music and execution of the show is also done entirely by students with the guidance of faculty. Since our program has a distinct focus on product development, the energy and creativity that goes into the annual design show is central to our program's mission!

Below are shown photographs of the show directors and program chairs:


2008 Show Directors
Left to Right: Leigh Jensen, Stephanie Nederhoff, Caley Lensch, Krystle Hovey

Program Chairs

2008 Program Chairs
Left to Right Back Row: Christa Beiner, Emily Heinick, Christina Carr, April Bowen, Christie Kafer, Jon Weiland
Left to Right Front Row: Suzanne Evers, Whitney Johnson, Holly Humke

Backstage before the show begins:


Lang Hall Auditorium filled to capacity before the show:

Lang Hall

At the shows completion, the directors are recognized by Dr. Annette Lynch:


This year's show had designs divided by fashion icon inspirations, which included actress Audrey Hepburn, English super model Twiggy (aka Lesley Hornby), actress Grace Kelly and actress Marilyn Monroe. Show photographs by iconic theme are presented below (please note the designer name is shown with each creation)