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Textile and Apparel Program Offers Introductory Course: Fashion, Culture and Industry

Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2016

This spring UNI's Textile and Apparel program will be offering  our introductory course entitled, "Fashion, Culture and Industry."  All students are invited to enroll. The subject matter is promised to be interesting and will be taught by teaching award winner, Dr. Mitchell D. Strauss. The course will be offered on-line this spring. Listed below is some of the fascinating course content:

  • Fashion In Our Daily Lives – an introduction to fashion as a theoretical concept as seen from psychological, sociological, anthropological and economic perspectives.
  • Fashion and Empire: Spain and the color red
    • History of the dyeing technology and its relationship to individual status and class, as well as global power.
  • Fashion and the Industrial Revolution
    • Indian Chintz, Fashion, Theft, and Empire
    • Invention, Application and Theft – Samuel Arkwright’s Revolution
  • Human Capital and the Creation of the Textile Industry
    • How the industry settled in New England, migrated to the South, and escaped to China
  • Apparel Fashion and Tragedy
    • From the Shtetl to the birth of an Industry
    • A union born from the ashes of a factory fire
  • Democratization of Retail Trade in the U.S.
    • How Potter Palmer and Marshal Fields invented the Department Store
  • Fashion and Science
    • Wallace Carothers, and the creation of polymer science to invent a better silk
    • Henry Perkins, the chemist who democratized color in fashion
  • Fashion and Textiles as a Political Weapon
    • Textiles, the Cold War, and global trade
  • Machine Technology, Labor and Competition
    • Examining the relationships between machine capability, labor organization, and competitiveness of manufacturing
  • Creativity as an Element of Success in the Fashion Industry
    • Case Study in Creativity: Burlington’s demise and Milliken’s rise
    • Unzipped: The story of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi – is artistic creativity all you need?
  • Fashion and the Supply Chain
    • How Global Supply Chain management was born of the textile and apparel industry
    • How Fashion expanded global trade, global manufacturing, and global exploitation of labor
    • The value of knowledge work in a Flat World
  • Film Analysis: Developing media literacy through film analysis to deconstruct the impact of fashion on gender construction.
    • The September Edition: Fashion media and the corruption of self-image
    • Killing Me Softly: Deconstruction of objectification of women in media
    • Tough Guise: Masculinity construction, fashion, and gender violence