College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Annette Lynch

  • School of Applied Human Sciences, Textiles & Apparel

    Administrative Faculty - Director & Professor of Textiles and Apparel


    Textiles and Apparel


    Ph.D. University of Minnesota

    Research Interests

    Research focuses on fashion change theory; and more specifically on cultural construction and transformation of gender through dress and appearance.

    Selected Publications

    Lynch, A. & Medevev K., Editors. (2018). Fashion, Agency and Empowerment: Performing Agency, Following Script, New York, New York: Bloomsbury Publishers.

    Lynch, A. & Strauss, M., Editors (2014). Ethnic Dress in the United States: A Cultural Encyclopedia: Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield.

    Lynch, A. (2012).  Porn Chic: Exploring the Contours of Raunch Eroticism.  Oxford, United Kingdom: Berg Publications.

    Lynch, A. & Strauss, M.  (2007). Changing Fashion: A Critical Analysis to Trend Analysis and Cultural Meaning.  Oxford and New York: Berg Publications.

    Lynch, A. (1999). Dress, Gender, and Cultural Change: Asian American and African American Rites of Passage.  Oxford and New York: Berg Publications.