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Cosmic Revolution-TAPP Expo 2005

Tapp Expo 2005 Show Poster by Maria Battani

Lang Hall

On Saturday night, April 9, 2005, UNI's Textile and Apparel Program offered to the public its annual student design show. This was the 13th year that the show has been produced. Beginning initially as a static model presentation of apparel design, the show soon thereafter evolved into a runway format.

The show, this year, drew the largest crowd ever! Lang Hall, on the UNI campus was filled beyond capacity. It is estimated that between 950 and 1000 people were onsite for the show. Below you can see a portion of the balcony section which was filled to the rafters!

Our textile and apparel program is focused on apparel product development. Through the various courses that students take in the program, apparel designs are produced as course projects. Some of those designs make it into the show. Other designs shown on the runway are created by students on their own time. In addition, this year, alumni of the program were invited to submit designs too.

Tapp Expo 2005Over 100 designs were submitted for the runway show and 70 were finally selected for presentation. Selections were largely based upon design and construction quality. The designs were reviewed by a representative of May Corporation, one of the leading department store ownership groups in the United States. May Corporation produces a vast array of private label garments for sale in malls all over the country. May Corporation was represented by Ms. Amy Morrison, who also happens to be a graduate of our program. Below is a photo of Amy her senior year at UNI.

[To the right, Amy Morrison expounds during her Senior Presentation in Spring 2000]

The design show is quite an extravaganza. Models, who are mostly student volunteers from outside the TAPP program, must be fitted, trained, and stylized. Rehearsals begin a week or so before the show. Great effort, which begins in the previous fall semester, is put into planning and publicizing the show. Students direct and manage the show with the guidance of faculty. To pull off this monumental effort, students from Dr. Lynch's 31T:121 Fashion Promotion class are integrated into the planning and execution of the show. Additional and important help comes from members of the TAPP student organization. Publicity for this years show was extraordinary; both the student paper, The Northern Iowan, and the local paper, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier ran stories prior to the show. Click on the images below to get the stories:

Northern Iowan WCF Courier

In addition, the week after the show, the Northern Iowan published a story about two sisters who participated as models on the runway. Click on their picture for the story:



Design Show Directors (L-R): Natalie Wendt, Teresa Ebensberger & Brianna Smith